Don't Sell Out To The Big Box Investors Fixed Fee in Phoenix

For The Traditional Seller

Phoenix Fixed Listing fee is $2,999 : Because its your equity and you should keep it! 

  • Extensive & Detailed Market Report/Analysis 
  • Consult Prior to Listing to Best Maximize Value & Prepare for the Market 
  • Complete Listing Portfolio on ARMLS
  • Professional Photos 
  • Professional Sign w/ Post
  • Professional Lockbox
  • Active Links to Syndicated sites such as Zillow, Trulia,, HomeSnap,, & AZ Central/Street Scout
  • Weekly Updates / Showing Feedback 
  • Experienced & Knowledgable Negotiations 
  • Transaction Support 
  • Open & Continued Communication throughout the process

Flip Your Own House

Flip your own house and use Phoenix Fixed Fee to help you get TOP DOLLAR. 

Homebridge Financial Services and Service Finance Company offers qualified Homeowners financing for simple, inexpensive repairs that will INCREASE the value of your home to list.

  • Unsecured Loan (This is NOT a 2nd Mortgage)
  • No Interest No Payment option for 12 month promotional period
  • Finance improvements and payoff the loan at the time of sale and not incur any financing cost within 12 month promotional period
  • Homebridge works with Service Finance Company to access a network of approved and vetted contractors 
  • Max Loan Amount of $50,000; Average loan amount is $9,500
  • Approval time < 2 minutes

Design Concepts

Phoenix Fixed Fee works together with Lou Dawg Designs to bring inspiration and design concepts to help identify areas of your home which may need updating and/or repairs. Redesign Consultation is a separate fee and based on Client needs. 

Simple repairs or redesign can add significant value in this competitive market*

  • Paint Interior/Exterior ~ 103.6%
  • Minor Bathroom Remodel ~ 102%
  • Minor Kitchen Remodel ~ 98.5% 
  • Flooring ~ 100%
  • Landscaping ~ 100% 

*Source: HGTV

Private/Off Market Buyers

Do you have a need to sell quickly? 

You have zero interest with selling live on MLS and all that it entails? 

Perhaps doing a "Flip Yourself" isn't possible? 

What if your situation calls for more strategic timing to move that you need to control?

Didn't I Say We Have Options For Everyone? Yes, I did.

Phoenix Fixed Fee works with several Investors that will buy your home for cash and close when you are ready. 

  • No bait & switch
  • No surprise fees 
  • No Wholesalers 
  • No drastic price reductions after a home inspection 

We only work with smaller investors who will actually buy your property and open escrow with earnest funds within 24 hours of contract acceptance. 


  • Is there a catch to this $2,999 Fixed Fee? 
    • Nope. Full Disclosure. Its a fixed fee with all the goodies we've referenced. The fixed fee will increase for homes listed at $351,000-$650,999 to $4,499 due to more detailed marketing cost. $99 due at signing of Listing Agreement & the balance paid upon successful COE (close of escrow). Should you decide to cancel for whatever reason we will ask you to pay for the sign/post installation. Much gratitude for understanding. (:
  • Its a Sellers market. Do I really need to update or make repairs to my home before listing? 
    • Welp, if you want top dollar and wish to sell quickly...You betcha! Buyers are willing to pay more for a home that is "move-in ready" & doesn't show age or deferred maintenance. And then there's that stinky appraisal you have to worry about. 
  • How important is curb appeal? 
    • Hmmm, its crucial. What's the old adage? First Impression is everything? Yep, thats it! The exterior is the first thing that a potential Buyer sees. It sets the tone. You want to meet or exceed expectations, not disappointment them before they get in the door. 
  • What if I get an unsecured loan through HomeBridge; update/remodel and then no longer want to sell?
    • Great Question! Thank you for asking. This is something to discuss w/ your Homebridge Rep. The 12 month promotional period is No Payments, No Interest with Borrowers intent of selling the property within this time frame. But should something change the interest rate can be set at 17.99%+ on the 13th month. Please defer directly with your Rep so that you are informed prior to accepting the terms. 
  • Do you work with Buyers? You seem focused on selling?
    • Yassss! WE love Buyers!!! Whether its a first home purchase, second home, investments, multi-family properties, seasoned buyers, relocation...we work with all Buyers. Fixed Fee in Phoenix